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Beau Fermor | 19th Man NRL Playing Jersey Unsigned

Auction End: 15 January 2020 19:00

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The nib Newcastle Knights are humbled to offer a host of items for auction in a bid to raise funds to support those impacted by the devastating bushfires.

The likes of Mitchell Pearce, Tim Glasby, David Klemmer, Phoenix Crossland, Pasami Saulo, Beau Fermor and coach Adam O’Brien have generously donated items and experiences you cannot secure anywhere else.

All proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund.

The Knights are also working with the NRL regarding further acts of support.

The Club wishes to acknowledge those who have lost during what is an extremely difficult time and extend our thanks to the firefighters, emergency services and volunteers and best wishes to those impacted by the fires.


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Bid History

Date/Time Amount Bidder Name/User
15 January 2020 18:47 300.00 Matthew Halliday
12 January 2020 18:17 280.00 CT
11 January 2020 19:32 260.00 Cooper Rogers
11 January 2020 11:25 240.00 Chad Pearson
11 January 2020 09:06 220.00 Cooper Rogers
10 January 2020 17:29 200.00 Daniel Jackson
10 January 2020 15:31 180.00 David Williams
10 January 2020 14:58 160.00 Pat Picton
10 January 2020 14:55 140.00 David Williams
10 January 2020 14:53 120.00 Pat Picton
10 January 2020 14:35 100.00 David Williams

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